Documentation for SimpleTALSix 6.2.0

This is an implementation of TAL/METAL and TALES for Python 2.7 and 3.2+ (possibly working on other versions too)

SimpleTALSix is based on SimpleTAL 4.3.

Known limitations

  • When using not: on an empty expression the result will be true rather than an error.
  • Path type python: is not supported by default. You can enable this by passing allowPythonPath=1 to the Context constructor. Note that this should only be used when the authors of the templates are completely trusted, the code included in the python: path can do anything.
  • TAL markup on-error is not yet supported.
  • HTML Templates might have duplicate attributes if an attribute is added using tal:attributes and the name is in upper case. The cause of this is the HTMLParser implementation, which always converts attributes to lower case.

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